The Photographer - Neville with Kelsey



Having achieved LRPS with the Royal Photographic Society, Pulse continues to produce high quality photographic work for customers needing bespoke prints or event photographs that are not reproduced on the fly at an event. We believe every print should be corrected to achieve the best photographic output in todays digital world.  

Photography is about lighting, people, mood and technique. The best photographs reflect all of this. Everyone's standards are different, the photographer produces what can be done on the day, the digital editing improves what seems impossible on that day and sometimes the results are a display photograph treasured for many years to come.

We are always trying to improve. A small amount of clients allow us to work on their photographs to produce the results they like to see. If we can give you that, then we are happy and hopefully, so are you.

We also restore old photographs, colourise and scan slides to JPG format at a reasonable rate. Recent projects included plate glass negatives from the late 1800's to Tiff and JPG format. Please have a look at the gallery.

Left - Neville Moran BSc (Hons); RPS - Awarded by The Royal Photographic Society - March 2011. Portrait, Landscape & Event Shooter.

Right - Shelby Moran BSc (Hons) - Events, Sport and Concert Shooter. University study allows for summer shoots only at the moment (Complete with her own sporting Archery success) .




Photographer - Shelby Moran BSc (Hons) - Available June 2019